Hey everyone! Today I will share how to sew a dress using a self-made pattern and a thrifted bed sheet.

The first step was to cut out the pieces. I used a pattern that I had made a while ago, made a copy of it, and cut off the built-in shoulder straps. Then I took the waist measurement and multiplied it by 1.5 that became the width of my skirt. The length depends on the height of who will wear the dress.


Next, I sewed the bodice pieces together at the sides.IMG_9093.jpg

After that, I gathered my ruffle together and sandwiched it in between the bodice and the lining and faced the right sides together. I also attached straps at this step, but they were too thin so I replaced them later. I would recommend attaching the straps at  this point for a nicer looking garment, but attaching the straps later does not change the outward look of the dress.


I then turned the bodice inside out and sewed a line across the top to help the ruffle lay flatter. I gathered my skirt and attached it to the bodice. IMG_9105.jpg

Finally, I attached the zipper, hemmed the dress, and hand-stitched the lining.

Ta-Da! It’s a state fair red-ribbon winning dress!

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