Old Skirt to Super Hero Cape

Hey Everyone! Today I am going to show y’all how I changed a woman’s large, polyester skirt into a super hero cape. My sister came to me the night before Super Hero Day at her school and told me she needed a cape. I decided that the easiest way to get the project completed quickly was to alter a thrifted skirt from my stash.

Super Before

The first step was to cut the skirt down one of the seams and measure the width of the cape, I decided to cut the skirt in half and use one side for the cape.

Super cutting.jpg

I pinned and hemmed both sides. The bottom was already hemmed, so I left it alone. I cut black ribbon into 12-inch pieces and burned the ends to prevent fraying.

Super pins

Then, I sewed the ribbon to the top of the cape.

Super ribbons.jpg

The cape was done and ready for Super Hero Day!

Superohero After

Floral Chevron Baby Quilt


Recently, I decided to sew a baby quilt for a first-time mom at my church. I did this project using only fabric and supplies from my stash. I chose two shades of pink, one shade of teal, and one floral print for this project.

HST squares

I looked to Pinterest for design inspiration, and decided to go with a chevron layout. Each of my blocks are 7×7 inches, I decided to create a 6×8 block design.  I then used Google drawings to create my lay-out.

6x8 Chevron Quilt pattern.jpgI realized I needed to learn how to sew Half-Square Triangles (HST). I found an amazing tutorial on how to sew eight blocks at a time from Blossom Heart Quilts. After that, I ironed my pieces and flattened the seam allowance toward the floral print side of my square. Then I cut off the excess fabric hanging off my square. I placed all my squares on my floor in order of the pattern, and I began sewing the rows together one by one.

Chevron layout.jpg

After I had my quilt top sewed together, I layered the batting in between the top and backing, I  pinned this all together and sewed the binding on. For my binding, I cut my backing two inches wider than the quilt top on all sides. Then I folded it over twice and stitched it.

Zig-zag topstitch

I followed up with a straight stitch to quilt the layers together using a zig-zag method to follow the chevron print.

Chevron quilt back

I’m happy with the results. What do you think?

Chevron Rocking Chair

Ruffle Dress Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I will share how to sew a dress using a self-made pattern and a thrifted bed sheet.

The first step was to cut out the pieces. I used a pattern that I had made a while ago, made a copy of it, and cut off the built-in shoulder straps. Then I took the waist measurement and multiplied it by 1.5 that became the width of my skirt. The length depends on the height of who will wear the dress.


Next, I sewed the bodice pieces together at the sides.IMG_9093.jpg

After that, I gathered my ruffle together and sandwiched it in between the bodice and the lining and faced the right sides together. I also attached straps at this step, but they were too thin so I replaced them later. I would recommend attaching the straps at  this point for a nicer looking garment, but attaching the straps later does not change the outward look of the dress.


I then turned the bodice inside out and sewed a line across the top to help the ruffle lay flatter. I gathered my skirt and attached it to the bodice. IMG_9105.jpg

Finally, I attached the zipper, hemmed the dress, and hand-stitched the lining.

Ta-Da! It’s a state fair red-ribbon winning dress!

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