Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to share how I made a Periodic Table of Elements Quilt! I was sitting in my high school chemistry class staring at the periodic table thinking of how the blocks would work together on a quilt, and then decided that I was going to sew one! I took a picture of the table at school for a guide to the colors.  I then went to Google drawings to create my layout.

Periodic Table

I convinced my mom to help me cut out fabric. We cut out 3.5″ x 5.5″ rectangles for each of the 118 elements, so that when I used 1/4″ seam allowance each piece would end up being 3″x 5″.


We used a black, fabric marker to carefully write each element symbol, name, and atomic number. Five hours later, my mom finished writing out all the elements. (Thanks, Mom!) Once all the lettering was completed, I sewed all the groups together to fully join the periodic table.


Then I heat set the ink with an iron, and set it further with a vinegar and salt bath. I laid out all the elements one last time to be sure that I had the right order.

Periodic Groups.jpg

I figured out exactly what dimensions I needed to use to frame the periodic table to make it the final dimensions I wanted. My finished quilt is 54″ x 75″ – roughly the size of a full bed. White strips were added to the sides and rectangles of fabric to the top and bottom. The next step was to cut out the batting and the backing. After I had everything cut out, I began pinning all three layers together. I quilted the layers together using simple straight lines, to keep with the square shape of this project.


The final step was to bind the quilt together, and breathe a sigh of relief. It is hanging on the wall in the Primrose Sewing Studio!



Periodic Finished.jpg

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