Hey Everyone! Today I will share my recommended beginner/intermediate sewing machines since more than 30 students have enrolled in classes with me in recent months! A few things that you should know before you read any further: I’m partial to the Singer brand.  I love a machine that hums and purrs like a kitten. I’ve been sewing on a number of different machines for the past nine years, and I’m an avid seamstress (but you already knew that last one).

I made this list based on what I believe are the essential functions of a sewing machine: straight stitch, back stitch, zig-zag stitch, a zipper foot, buttonhole stitches, and a bobbin winder. Things that I love on machines but don’t consider essential are: a needle threader, slow-fast adjustment, and fancy stitches.

1. The first machine on my list is the Singer Simple Machine. It is a great machine for a beginner. It is a fairly inexpensive machine, but has all the basic functions you would need to continue learning the art of sewing.

Singer Simple

2. The next machine on the list is the Brother cs6000i. I personally don’t love the Brother brand, just personal preference. At this price point for a beginner though, I think the fast-slow adjustment is amazing. One of my personal favorite sewing bloggers uses this machine for all of her sewing projects.

Brother cs6000i

3. I really like the Singer Curvy. I bought one of these machines second-hand a few months ago and love it! It has the easiest threading of any machine I own and is great for parents who want to help their child but are somewhat clueless.

Singer Curvy.jpg

4. Another machine I recommend is the Singer Stylist. It has lots of stitches, plus it has 10 presser feet that come with it. I have not personally used this machine, but it has everything I would look for in an intermediate level machine.


5. The last machine, and by far my favorite is the Singer Confidence Quilter. I received one as a 14th birthday present and have been obsessed with it ever since! It has lots of stitches and comes with lots of presser feet. It has an automatic needle down function that is great for sewing with multiple layers.

Singer Confidence Quilter.jpg


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the machines, I will do my best to respond promptly.






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