I’ve been sewing for quite a while and along the way there have been sewing supplies that I have loved, and sewing supplies that I have disliked. This is a list of my top 20 essential sewing supplies for a beginning seamstress.

1. A good pair of fabric scissors, I love the Fiskars brand. It is the only brand that I use in my studio.

2. Spools of cotton thread, you will not be able to get any sewing project started without this sewing essential.

3. Straight pins are a necessity. I use them in every project because they keep the fabric lined up. I prefer longer pins with a colorful plastic end.

4. A pin cushion, I really like a magnetic pin cushion but an old-fashioned one works out just fine, too.

5. A seam ripper is a needed tool when mistakes happen and an item or project needs to be re-sewn.

6. A sewing machine, you can look at my sewing machine favorites post.

7. A sewing machine caddy is a hard, plastic carrying case which is great if you don’t have a craft space or plan on traveling with your machine.

8. Bobbins! You can never have enough bobbins. I change thread colors often and the more bobbins that I have, the less I have to unwind them.

9. Measuring Tape, it helps with measurements for accurate sewing results.

10. Hand-Sewing  Needles, even if you plan on sewing only with your machine these will come in handy when you need to sew on a button.

11. Sewing Machine Needles, they break at the most inconvenient times, so it’s important to have extra needles on hand.

12. Safety pins, they are great for when you have a larger piece of fabric that you want to keep lined up.

13. Fabric Markers are useful because they have disappearing ink which allows you to mark your fabric without worry of ruining it.

14. Iron, it eliminates wrinkles so that you can achieve more precise cuts.

15. Starch, it helps the iron flatten the fabric and keeps it stiff for measuring.

16. Buttons, they are fun for a beginning seamstresses to learn hand stitching.

17. Sewing gauge, it helps you keep your ironing straight.

18. Sewing book, it is a helpful book for beginners to learn sewing terms.

19. A needle threader they help you thread your hand sewing needles.

20. A pair of pinking shears cut a zigzag pattern in the fabric to help prevent fraying.

*Disclaimer: I have linked products that I either use in my studio, or that have good reviews. I do not currently receive any compensation for you using the links provided.



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